Blupool Fixed 2 Problems with my swimming pool

BLUPOOL testimonial from Craig

I've had 2 separate problems with my swimming pool in the past year – the one being air being drawn into the system and the other being poor suction affecting the cleaning operation. On both occasions, Wesley first directed me to check a few things in an attempt to verify the root cause of the problem.

He then came to my house to personally inspect the situation, giving me clear advice on various options – the first problem required the pipe work to be dug up and replaced (with minimal damage to my concrete and tiling) while the second resulted in the purchase of a new pump (the old pump was returned as proof that the bearings had failed).

In both instances, Wesley responded within a short space of time, and promptly resolved my concerns.

In my opinion, the words “poor customer service” cannot be associated with Wesley and his BLUPOOL Team. I will not hesitate to promote the professional service (at reasonable pricing) provided by this Team to friends and colleagues.


12 June 2013