How can I save electricity using an energy saving pool pump?

90 saving pic

The IntelliFlo Swimming Pool Pump changes its flow rates to adapt to changing conditions. It maintains the best flow rates for your pool’s specific needs.

The pump performs so that all other components of your pool work more consistently to keep your pool paradise looking its best through all four seasons.

The IntelliFlo Pump assists pool filters to maintain crystal clear water, water features to achieve a consistent flow, and allows all other pool equipment to perform more efficiently. All of these performance benefits will have your pool looking its best; however the biggest benefit of having the IntelliFlo Pump is the long term savings it offers.

When this pump is compared to the more traditional, single or two-speed pumps, its constant changing and adapting allows for enormous energy savings. Not only does the IntelliFlo give you up to 90% greater energy savings, but it also allows the different components of the pool to have a longer lifespan, encouraging even greater savings.

Our team at Blupool have tried and tested the IntelliFlo Pump in order to bring the best equipment to your pool. We recommend that all our clients invest in the IntelliFlo Pump to experience the performance and saving benefits. The Blupool team is ready and waiting to answer any questions you may have about this revolutionary product.