Salt Water Chlorinator - Pentair iChlor 30

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Salt Water Chlorinators have been around for over 30 years. They are a marvelous invention. Turning salt water into chlorine! What is the most efficient way to sanitize your swimming pool water? Definatley the Salt Chlorinator.

Issues with salt chlorinators in the past is that they don't last that long, the cells clog up easily, one never knows if they're not working or why they're not working. Finally, a Salt Chlorinator worth its salt, so to speak.

The advantages of the Pentair iChlor 30

  • It tells you when to add salt. It can run off relatively low salt levels (2600ppm - 3600ppm) - Ideal being 3600ppm
  • It has an advanced 'No Flow' switch which disconnects the cell when the water flow is too weak. (The cheaper salt chlorinators have water sensors which malfunction and can cause the chlorinator to blow up or burn out)
  • It cleans itself. Properly.
  • It's small and compact and it can fit into small spaces.
  • You can literally adjust it to any size pool, even a small spa. (Max 114kl)
  • It's intelligent enough to switch off when you cover your pool so that you don't over-chlorinate the water.

The advantages are endless. Buy a good quality salt chlorinator now.

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