Blue Riiot Pool Water Tester for Smart Phone

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The new Blue Riiot is easy pool water testing and puts an end to expired test strips and test kit solutions. Imagine waking up on a Saturday morning and getting a message from your iPhone or any smart phone telling you that your swimming pool water is perfect, or your pool water balance needs maintenance? It tells you the temperature of your pool water, what the pH and chlorine levels are. It also tells you how much salt your pool water has (for those with salt water chlorinators). It doesn't stop there, it knows how big your pool is, what type of surface it has and exactly how much of which chemical you need to add in order to balance your pool water perfectly.

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The key to maintaining your swimming pool is to keep your water balanced. Success in swimming pool maintenance is being pro-active instead of re-active. The Blue Riiot gives you the critical information you need before your pool goes green. Some might say I've just changed my sand but my pool is still green. Or I've just bought a new pool pump and I still cannot get my water to clear up. Well, the truth is that you could have state-of-the-art swimming pool equipment, but if you don't regularly test your pool water, it will go green, cloudy, and will cost you more in chemicals.

  • Temperature
  • pH
  • Chlorine
  • Salinity

If you are paying a swimming pool company R700 to R1000 per month to maintain your pool, the Blue Riiot pool water tester is probably the best investment you could make. It takes the guesswork out of 'how much acid do I need to add to my pool?' and 'how much chlorine does my pool need?' No more buying new test strips and test kit solutions every summer. Just look at your smart phone for all your swimming pool answers.

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For Only R5900