At BLUPOOL we pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship. Our team of pool builders have over 21 years experience in the installation and building of swimming pools.

Gunite (Concrete)

Gunite pools are usually more expensive to build because they take slightly longer than Fibreglass Mould Pool Installations, and because more building materials are used in the structure and finish of the pool.
Some pool owners are willing to wait a little longer and pay a little more because they feel they will end up with a more solid structure.

Fibreglass Mould Pools

Our Fibreglass Moulded pools are made with the highest quality materials available to the industry. Our factory in PMB is a Multi-Chapter Member of the NSPI and adhere to the necessary manufacturing specifications.
Our Fibreglass Moulds carry a 10 year warrantee, and take approximately 2 weeks to install.