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Spring Clean Your Swimming Pool Filter Sand

Every swimming pool needs a clean and efficient filter to function properly. The longevity of your filter is directly proportionate to the work load it has to endure.

In South Africa, the sand filter overtook the diateomatious earth filter in popularity almost 20 years ago, and is still the most common filter fitted to new swimming pools.

With general public concern on swimming pool waste water, there has been a spike in interest for carteridge filters, which do not require as much water to clean them as sand filters do.

Having a clean filter will:

  • Decrease Chlorine Demand
  • Promote Cleaner Clearer Swimming Pool Water
  • Increase Circulation & Distribution of Chemicals in the Pool

Before summer starts, check your filter sand to see if it needs replacing. Or at the very least, recondition your filter sand with a powerfull filter sand cleaner such as BioGuard® Strip Kwik®

filter sand cleaner

Here's to a trouble free swimming pool this summer!

Which is the best surface for my pool?

The jury is still out on what the best surface for a swimming pool really is. When you are going to build a new pool, you have the choice of marble plaster, fibreglass lining, or tiling the pool. Tiling isn't very common in Durban South Africa, but it has been done. When the time comes to re-surface your pool, you can also choose whether to marble plaster it or fibreglass line the pool.

Fibreglassing a swimming pool surface is becoming very popular, especially in Durban - South Africa, because it is so hardy. It doesn't get pitted (if applied correctly) which means no more stubborn black algae. It also doesn't stain very easily, and when it does, it can be rectified in a matter of minutes with the help of corrective water balance procedures.

A tip to remember when fibreglassing your pool. Always find out what you are getting. Beware of contractors who are way too cheap or don't belong to a professional body like the NSPI. Always get the specifications of fibreglass the contractor intends on using. For example, is it 300g or 450g chopped strand fibre? Does he use the correct underwater resin or a general purpose resin?

If you want a reputable swimming pool company in Durban to advise you on the best way to resurface your pool, contact BLUPOOL on 031 562 9117


Ever had swimming pool water that is blue, but so cloudy you cannot see the floor? Sometimes all the swimming pool water needs is a coagulant which separates the dirt from the water.

Super Clear Tablets from BioGuard® is an effective water clarifier with Poly A 2000.

  • Restores Water Clarity
  • Gets to Work Instantly
  • Easy to use - just drop into the weir
  • No Sticky Residue

super clear tabs

For swimming pool water so clear, you can see right through it!

Water Testing your swiming pool regularly has many advantages. It keeps sanitzers working efficiently, protects the pool surface and protects pool equipment. BLUPOOL has an advanced water test lab which helps us determine whether the pool water is balanced, or whether it's corosive and damaging your pool (and its bathers!)

Pop into our shop in Durban North Glenashley for a free water test. (Tip- get a free water sample bottle from us before retreiving the water sample. Using a coke bottle or mayonaise jar affects the water test results)

Because prevention is better than a cure, keep your water balanced at all times. You can trust us with your water, the Oyster Box Hotel does!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Water testing