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This swimming pool in Westbrook on the KwaZulu Natal North Coast is leaking very badly through cracks in the structure. The ground that the pool was built in has moved substantially over the years, causing the structure to open up like a shell. By looking at the water level on the left compared to the level on the right, one can see that the left side of the pool has dropped, making the pool lob-sided.

pool renovation

Structural rehabilitation would include securing the bank next to the pool with retaining blocks, reinforcing a new, thicker ring-beam, and casting a new shell within the existing shell.

Blupool Swimming Pool Services in Durban North KwaZulu Natal have consulted with the body corporate about the required remedial work on this swimming pool.


Does your Pool Water Look Clean?

Going for a swim? It turns out that people aren’t the only ones who find water inviting when the Durban temperatures soar.

Microbes, like bacteria that live on our skin and in our noses, get into the pool whenever we swim. Not all of them make us sick, and chlorine can kill a lot of them, but sometimes it takes days for that to happen.

If your pool stinks of chlorine, that’s not a sign that it’s clean. In fact, the stronger the odor, the harder the chlorine is working to kill urine, sweat, dirt, feaces and other things that swimmers bring to your pool.

Bring a sample of your pool water to BLUPOOL for an analysis. We'll kill dem bugs!

This new product will help you remove any unsightly stains that you may have in your pool.

Watch this video to find out more......


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Spring Clean Your Swimming Pool Filter Sand

Every swimming pool needs a clean and efficient filter to function properly. The longevity of your filter is directly proportionate to the work load it has to endure.

In South Africa, the sand filter overtook the diateomatious earth filter in popularity almost 20 years ago, and is still the most common filter fitted to new swimming pools.

With general public concern on swimming pool waste water, there has been a spike in interest for carteridge filters, which do not require as much water to clean them as sand filters do.

Having a clean filter will:

  • Decrease Chlorine Demand
  • Promote Cleaner Clearer Swimming Pool Water
  • Increase Circulation & Distribution of Chemicals in the Pool

Before summer starts, check your filter sand to see if it needs replacing. Or at the very least, recondition your filter sand with a powerfull filter sand cleaner such as BioGuard® Strip Kwik®

filter sand cleaner

Here's to a trouble free swimming pool this summer!