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In our last weeks article we spoke about how to prevent metals from staining pool surfaces and discolouring pool water using BioGuard pool magnet. In this weeks article we are going to introduce you to a product that when used together with pool magnet can remove metals from your pool water completely.

4463d30d9b572086f76c13939fdb39ec2d4db068 grandeBioGuard's Sparkle up is a specially designed powder that aids in the removal of dissolved metals and dead algae. its fomular will not affect your pools water balance and it can be used periodically to polish water.

Unlike pool magnet which forms a coating around metal particles, sparkle up creates an ionically charged layer or polarized network in your filter which traps matels and other tiny particles, which can then be backwashed to waste. Sparkle up also improves filter efficiency which could reduce chemical costs.



Does your pool have a green or greenish-blue tint to the water? Have you noticed stains forming on your pool surfaces? Well then chances are you may have a metal problem in your pool.

Metals play a role in water balance as it has the ability to stain pool surfaces and discolour water as well.

Metals are usually introduced into your pool in a number of different ways, such as from; corrosion of metal equipment/ fittings due to improper water balance, metallic algaecides, filling or topping up your pool and even erosion of metals from water velocity. Metals cause staining when they are pulled out of solution by influences in the water or acting on the water. These include: oxidisers such as sunlight and chlorine as well as products that impart a dramatic change in pH and alkalinity therefore the preferred level of metals in a pool is zero.

If however you do find metals in your swimming pool try our Bioguard Pool Magnet. This liquid concentrate is a powerful chelating agent which chelates a wide range of metals which prevents staining and protects pool surfaces and may also remove fresh stains.

For metals in the water add minimum of 250ml per 10 000L of pool water and a maintenance dose 25ml per 10 000L of pool water is recommended.

For fresh stains add 250ml per 10 000L when stains are detected and brush stains daily. Results may be seen in 5-7 days.

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Okay, so like i mentiond in previous articles, not many pool owners take the time to properly care for their pools and as a result it causes chaos to the water chemistry.

For those of us that do not Oxidise our swimming pool regularly, (step-Two of the 3-step programme), we may find that our pool water isn't as sparkling blue as we would like it to be, but rather cloudy, flat and dull. You may also find that sometimes after a refreshing swim you come out only to be suffering with red, burning eyes.

burn-out1 1024x1024Pool "Symtoms" such as this could be the result of chlorimines (organic waste bonded to chlorine particles) which comes from sweat, make-up, from the enviroment and the list goes on.Unlike other oxidizing products such as lite, which are designed to prevent such problems BioGuard has come up with Burn-Out, the problem solver.

Burn-Out is a powerful shock treatment for your swimming pool which removes organic contaminants that cause cloudy water and eye irritation and that cannot be removed through normal filtration. Burn-Out comes in pre measured bags making application of this product a breeze all it takes is one 450g bag per 45 000L of pool water. Its fast dissolving properties allows it to work quickly to restore water sparkle which means you will be enjoying your soft comfortable clear swimming pool in no time.

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PREVENT ALGAE Ever heard the expression “prevention is better than cure?’’ Well pool owners should know this all too well. Every pool owner at one stage or the other has had a pool green with algae. Most pool owners know the cost of fixing that problem.

backupStep Three of the BioGuard 3-Step programme is designed to prevent algae and keep your pool surface clean and clear of algae all year round. Now that spring has arrived, the chance of algae blooming in your pool greatly increases. In your fight to keep your pool free from algae, we recommend you call for back up.Yes, back up inhibitor is our super soldier when it comes to algae prevention.

This concentrated liquid is a broad spectrum algaecide that prevents a wide species of algae. It works well in high and low pH levels, works where algae accumulates and the best part of this product is that it doubles in activity every 6 degree rise temperature.

With just a 90 millilitre dose per 10 000 litres of pool water for the initial treatment, and a 15 millilitre dose per 10 000 litres of pool water as a weekly preventative treatment, keeping algae out of your pool has never been easier.

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Happy Spring!