Ten Tips to Keep your Pool In Top Shape this Summer

Tip No. 1

How do I get my swimming pool water crystal clear?

We use a brilliant BioGuard product called Polysheen Blue. It’s a concentrated water clarifier, only 15ml needed per 10, 000l of pool water. We’ve been using it our pools in Durban North for 13 years and have never been disappointed. 

Tip No. 2

How do prevent my chlorine reading dropping to zero? Stabilise your pool water.

To protect the chlorine from being zapped out of your pool by UV rays from the sun, add SunShield stabiliser. This will help to keep a chlorine residual in your swimming pool water, even on Durban’s sunniest of days.

Tip No. 3

What should I do after my pool has just been re-plastered? (Marbelite)

The single most important thing to do once your pool has been re-surfaced and topped up with fresh tap water is to balance it. Every pool we re-surface gets balanced by us, on start-up, with calcium, Sodium Bicarbonate, and Stabliser. This ensures the proper curing and longevity of your newly plastered pool surface.

Tip No. 4

How often should I change the sand in my filter?

This depends entirely on how the pool is used. Do dogs swim in the pool? Do you have a high bather load, with lots of kids and lots of suntan lotion going into the pool? If you do, we recommend changing the sand in your filter every 2 years.

Tip No. 5

My Kreepy keeps getting stuck on the steps.

If your Kreepy or Pool Cleaner gets stuck in places in your swimming pool, there are a few things you can try:

1. Take one hose off

2. Put an extra hose on

3. Try changing the direction the aimflow jet is shooting water in

4. Increase the suction strength on the flow control valve

5. Try using a different pool cleaner to see if it works better - borrow one from a friend

Tip No. 6

How can I clean the scum-line off my swimming pool tiles?

We use a great product called Off The Wall made by BioGuard. It’s perfect for swimming pools as it doesn’t affect the water balance like house hold cleaners would. Easy to spray on, let the foam soak, and then wipe it off. (Older scum-lines are harder to remove, so the process may need to be repeated.)

Tip No. 7

My pool keeps going green after the rain.

Every time it rains or there’s a thunderstorm, a swimming pool can easily turn green for a number of reasons. We use a great product called BackUp by BioGuard. In the event that the chlorine in the pool gets depleted, BackUp helps algae prevention, which in turn saves you having to keep shocking the pool after rain storms.

Tip No. 8

How do I get my pH in my swimming pool right, and prevent pH bounce?

If you find it difficult to manage your pH readings, then it could be that your Total Alkalinity is very low. Increase your pool water alkalinity - 80ppm (parts per million) to 120ppm in Marble Plaster Pools and 120ppm to 160ppm in Fibreglass Pools. Have your pool water tested at a professional pool shop with a professional water testing station to get your water fully analysed. 

Tip No. 9

How often should I test my pool water at home?

During the summer months, we recommend that you test your pool water at least once a week. This will keep you in the know about your pool’s water balance and can help you pick up potential problems, like your pool going green or cloudy, before it happens. 

Tip No. 10

Is a Salt Water pool easier to maintain?

Yes, it certainly is. Salt Chlorinators prevent you from having to physically add chlorine to your pool water. So this not only saves you time, but also saves you money. Note that not all Salt Chlorinators are equal, investigate and purchase a chlorinator that is manufactured by a reputable brand. 

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