Step two: BioGuard 3- step programme

OXIDIZE: To oxidize, or shock treat the pool is probably the most important step in pool care which most people neglect. Even if you do not follow a system or programme, you should be shocking your pool at least once a week. Shocking your pool gets rid of waste that cannot be removed through normal filtration example swimmer waste like Sweat and make up or contaminants from the environment or even pets.

BioGuard Lite is the preferred choice of maintenance oxidizer used by those who choose to enjoy their swimming pool and ensure comfortable, soft water for 100% bather comfort.

With BioGuard lite, oxidizing your pool has never been easier. All you need is one bag (450g) per 50 000L of pool water, once a week, simple as that. Broadcast evenly around the pool (amount determined by the size of your pool). For vinyl or coloured swimming pools brush immediately after direct application to ensure quick dissolving of active ingredients.