Introduction of The BioGuard 3-step programme

BioGuard has come up with its unique 3-step Programme to keep your swimming pool sparkling clean and clear at all times. Thanks to their wide range of products available, we at Blupool can assist in custom designing a programme that suits your lifestyle and your pocket.


This week we will be introducing one of our many 3 step programmes starting with Step One.


STEP ONE: SANITIZE. When it comes to pool care, sanitizers are the main ingredient. They keep your pool clear and protected from bacteria.

Although there are various types and brands of sanitizers on the market, BioGuard's ultraswim is one of the best. This unique product is a multi function stabilized granular chlorine that has built in clarifiers, filter enhancer, algae preventative and sunlight protector. It is a 4 in 1 sanitizer and shock that kills bacteria and algae while enhancing your filter function. Ultraswim also has built in stabilizer which means you don’t need to continuously be adding chlorine due to chlorine loss from the sun.

Ultraswim is designed for easy safe application directly into your pool or through the skimmer with the pump running for at least 2-4 hours. For fibreglass, vinyl, painted and coloured plaster pools, always add ultraswim through the weir and not directly to the pool as it could cause bleaching of the pool surface.

If you’re using ultraswim for the first time its best to start of with 100g per 10000L of pool water. Thereafter 30g per 10000L every second day and enjoy your clear, safe, bacteria and algae free swimming pool.


Other products in our sanitation range include: Smart Tabs, Swim Tabs, Swim Clear Floater and Super Soluble. Stay tuned for more information on these products or check out our online store.