Kreepy not working? Swimming pool water green and cloudy?

Does your Kreepy work for 10 minutes after a backwash and then get sluggish until it stops? The swimming pool filter is the most underrated yet important piece of equipment your pool has. The filter is the kidney of the swimming pool and if it fails, the pool will surely not survive.

Clogged filter sand causes the swimming pool water to become cloudy and green. It also causes the Kreepy to eventually stop working. Once this happens you know you have circulation problems, on top of filtration problems.

It is quite a big task to open a sand filter and although this is often the best way to find out the condition of the sand, if you do not wear protective clothing, you run the risk of becoming very ill, especially if your sand is infected with bacteria.

The best treatment you can give the sand filter without actually changing the sand, is to recondition the sand with a filter sand cleaner.

There are many sand cleaners on the market. Be careful not to confuse a filter sand cleaner with a filter 'enhancer'. A filter enhancer usually causes the clogging of the filter by using gels or polymers in order to trap finer particles of dirt. Not what you want if your filter is already clogged!

This filter sand cleaner strips all the oil, sun lotion and any other debris that gets trapped in the sand filter. It helps get rid of the stubborn debris that doesn't come out easily with a backwash.

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