Looking after your marble plastered pool

There is much discussion about what type of finish to surface your swimming pool with. There are three popular types of swimming pools made in South Africa, and particularly in Durban:

  1. Gunite (concrete) shell with a marble plaster finish.
  2. Pre-formed pools manufactured on a mould, which have a fibreglass finish.
  3. Gunite (concrete) shell with a fibreglass-lined finish.


The standing argument is that fibreglass lasts longer and is more resilient to harsh water conditions. For the most part, this is true. However, many fibreglass contractors who are not members of the National Spa and Pool Institute of South Africa use substandard resins and thinner mats. These contractors are usually substantially cheaper because they don’t use the correct specifications for swimming pools. The pool owner doesn’t know how to tell if the correct materials are used, and the contractor generally gets away with it – at least for a while. 

The long and short of it is that if shortcuts are taken, whether you plaster your pool or fiberglass it, you’ll be staring at an eyesore rather than a pool sooner or later. These types of swimming pool problems are not cheap to fix.

If the job is done properly, on the other hand, a marble plastered pool can last just as long as a fiberglass lined pool. The trick is to use good quality products and a reputable pool company. After that, the only thing you have to do is keep your pool water balanced at all times.

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Balancing your pool water right after it has been resurfaced is a vitally important part of making sure you have a long-lasting and trouble-free swimming pool. A pool company worth their “salt” will dose the pool with the initial balancing chemicals such as calcium flakes, sodium bicarb, stabiliser, etc. However, different bodies of pool water respond differently to chemicals. Water temperature, the source of the water and many other factors influence your pool water balance, so take a sample of your water back to the pool shop and check if the dosing had the desired effect.

Usually, BioGuard dealers have the correct water testing equipment and knowledge to guide you through getting and keeping your pool water balanced and ready to dive into at all times.

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